Yolanda Bell Memorial Scholarship

Yolanda Bell

The Yolanda BELL Memorial Scholarship was established by colleagues of the late Yolanda Bell from the Michigan Transition Services Association (MTSA) and the Michigan Career Placement Association (MCPA) to provide assistance to a graduating senior or exiting student with an IEP, who plans on attending college or other type of post-school training.  The award is intended to assist with college or post-secondary school training expenses, such as tuition, fees, and other allowable educational expenses.

Yolanda Bell, first and foremost, was an exceptional educator.  She was the Transition Coordinator for Ann Arbor Public Schools.  She tragically passed away as a result of a traffic accident on June 18, 2012.  Her love of the teaching profession was expressed through the dedication she had for the students she served, the parents she counseled, and the educators with whom she collaborated. Yolanda’s talents showed in her gentle manner and her keen sense of respect for all students’ needs. Yolanda would be proud to know that a scholarship has been established in her name.

Award Criteria


      • A graduating Senior or exiting student with an IEP (from any AA Public High School), who plans on attending college or other post-secondary training.
      • Funds are intended to assist with expenses such as tuition, fees, and other allowable educational expenses.
      • Must have participated in at least one school sponsored extra-curricular activity or club.
      • Must have demonstrated good citizenship throughout their secondary career.

Application Process:

      • Application can be obtained using the link below.
      • Completed application form and required documents listed on the application should be submitted to scholarships@aapsef.org.
      • The final selection will be made by the Yolanda Bell Scholarship Selection Committee.

Award Amount:

      • One at $400

Upon receipt of Confirmation of Enrollment (which needs to include the Student ID number and the mailing address of the Financial Aid Office of the recipient’s selected college or university) AAEF will forward the scholarship check directly to the Financial Aid Office. Confirmation of Enrollment should be emailed to scholarships@aapsef.org no later than July 15.

Deadline:   April 15, no later than 5pm