Teacher Grant Crowdfunding

Every year teacher grant applications are submitted to the Educational Foundation for great ideas and projects that deserve to be funded.  The Foundation’s Grant Committee is tasked with the difficult job of deciding which grants will be awarded. If you are interested in learning more about the Committee and their selections please see our 2015 Grant Committee blog post. This year, the Foundation surprised teachers at 9 Ann Arbor Public Schools with grant certificates. The generosity of individuals and local businesses allowed us to fund over $17,000 in teacher grants. These grants directly impact the education of over 1600 students. 

This year, the Foundation is leaving the door open for several more requests, and welcomes the community to fund them.  In 2015,  we reviewed 101 Teacher Grant applications and were able to fund 9 projects.  The following 6 projects met all of our criteria with high ratings from our Committee.  Instead of denying funding we encourage the community to rally behind teachers doing the good work and donate so that these projects can be implemented as early as January 2016.  Spot your school in the list below and support your teacher. Or, think of the school a neighborhood over and how the kids there will be your kids’ peers in middle and high school. Any gift will go directly to the teacher and project. Everyone benefits, everyone wins.

The deadline for crowdfunding has ended. Thank you for your support on these projects.  If you would like to support future teacher grants, but use the link below.  
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Computer Science with Lego

School: Huron High
Funding Requested: $5,000.00
Teacher: Kevin Behmer
Lego MindStorm kit
Lego MindStorm kits will allow our students to code programs into their computers that will actually manipulate the lego project they physically construct. The use of robots in the classroom subconsciously introduces students to possible career paths they may well have never considered. Engineering principles, such as electrical, mechanical, and chemical, as well as IT skills are required to successfully complete a robot-based project. Robotics is a perfect way to show students that engineering and IT can be fun!

Conexión (Connection)

School: Scarlett Middle
Funding Requested: $1,870.00
Teachers: Candida Justyna, Allison Lang, and Olivia Brinks
Connection at Scarlett

Connection helps students in the process of weaving two or more cultures together to create a new identity. We are a mentorship program that connects University of Michigan students with English Language Learners (ELL) at Scarlett Middle School. The program provides in-class support for students as well as connecting them with opportunities at the University of Michigan and in the community. By supporting Connection, you will be making it possible for students to attend events at University of Michigan, meet with UM professors, develop a cultural identity art project, and participate in fun community events!

The Little Gym

School: Bryant Elementary
Funding Requested: $5,000.00
Teacher: Jason Willard

Bryan Elementary students

The Little Gym is a Bryant Elementary School Physical Education unit designed for Young 5 through 2nd grade students. The purpose of this unit is to teach students fundamental, low impact, and safe gymnastic skills. Currently our school has no gymnastics mats. If we receive enough funds to purchase mats for this unit, we would be preparing our students for a lifetime of physical literacy.

Chicken or the Egg?

School: Ann Arbor STEAM, 5th Grade
Funding Requested: $1,250.00
Teachers: Ashley Moore, Cynthia Johengen, and Brandon Vince
All students, across all levels of academic performance, will equitably participate in each aspect of the project: designing, engineering, building, hatching of eggs, maintaining systems, and husbandry. The project will help our students better understand the interconnections of our world and how decisions made by one person or organization can affect another. It will help to foster community partnerships within our school community and neighborhood. We will strive to create a foundation of partnerships with our neighborhood community, local businesses and organizations.

Increasing Effective Use of Resources through Digital Organization

School: Carpenter Elementary
Funding Requested: $260.00
Teachers: Elizabeth Kelly-Sell, Amanda Lowe, Kristin Haselschwerdt, and Mollie Hall
Carpenter Elementary students

Finding the perfect book can be the difference between students successfully learning or struggling. Consequently, teachers spend hours trying to find the perfect book to enhance their lesson – manually combing through stacks of books and resources in the Book Room. Please help us digitally catalog our Book Room resources through the use of the Book Collector Program and Database in order to increase student success!

Pathways from High School to Career Resource Library

School: Pathways to Success High School
Funding Requested: $3,522.89
Teacher: Anne Callison
Pathways students
Help us create a Career Resource Library at the Pathways to Success High School.  College and career ready, these are the buzzwords on every educator’s lips and a major part of the Common Core Standards.  Building a collection of books that correspond to the classes, degrees and certificates available through WCC and local universities enables students to explore post high school education opportunities. Please visit the Pathways Media Center website for more information about the ‘Pathways from High School to Career’ Resource Library.
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