Successful Nonprofit Partner Projects

Below you will find examples of projects that took advantage of a nonprofit partner. These grant recipients worked with local nonprofits to make existing projects available to their students.

Gay Straight Alliance Leadership Initiative for an Inclusive School Climate
Grants Applied For:  Great Idea Grant
School(s): Pioneer, Huron, Community, Skyline
Teacher: Ross Dunbar
ross dunbarOur Gay Straight Alliance is a part of the Neutral Zone’s Gay Straight Alliance Leadership Initiative to engage students in a participatory action research project to better understand the experience of LGBTQAA students and work to create a positive, inclusive school climate.  With the support of Riot Youth and their research consultant, we administered climate surveys across our high school to better understand the experience of our students in relation to LGBTQQA identities.

An AAPSEF Teacher Grant was used to extend the work of the survey to create and implement a student-led project that shares our report and recommendations with the broader school population including administrators, educators, and students.


Birds of Prey
Grants Applied For:  Great Idea Grant
School: Huron High School
Teachers: Jenni Wilkening, Robert Alger & Beth Dickson

This year we would like to bring in the Birds of Prey from the Leslie Science and Nature Center to tie into our ecology and evolution units in Biology. For the past seven years, we have and LSNC come to Huron and share four different raptors (barred owl, peregrine falcon, great horned owl, and bald eagle) that are native to our area and talk about how these birds survive and contribute to our ecosystem. The presenters also review how they have taken the career path that they have and what counter opportunities are available for high schools students at the LSNC> We have been able to do six different presentations over two days in mid May- one for the morning classes and a second for the afternoon classes so that students are able to get an intimate experience with the birds and ask questions of the presenters.

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