STEAM Committee

Meet the STEAM Team! This incredible group is made up of local STEM professionals. They have come together to help AAPSEF in reaching out and educating the Ann Arbor community about the importance of STEAM curriculum in Ann Arbor Public Schools, and the impact it will have on the thousands of students in attendance.

Nate AschenbachNate Aschenbach

Name Nate Aschenbach
Current Position Co-Founder & CEO at GameStart School
AAPS Connection 2003 Pioneer High graduate
Geekiest Moment “I built an arcade machine and strapped it to the roof of my Dad’s van so we could transport it to Detroit – and it fell off right in the middle of the highway” :0

Line van NieuwstadtLine van Nieuwstadt

Name Line van Nieuwstadt
Current Position Research Scientist at Univ. of Michigan Atmospheric Oceanic Space Sciences
Kids 3 children attending Clague and Huron

Claim To Fame “I have my signature on the planet Mars. I worked on the first Mars Rover Sojourner.”

Praveena Ramaswami

Name Praveena Ramaswami
Current Position Community Connector and Consultant with my company MamaSwami Connects
Kids Two STEAM loving daughters at Thurston.
5th grader who loves Science, Robots and Building everything. And a creative 2nd grader who loves anything Art.
Geekiest Moment Painting a hall mural in my home and being apart of the community mural on Liberty St.
Love anything Community & Art

Tom RootTom Root

Name Tom Root
Current Position Co-Founder at Maker Works Ann Arbor
Kids details coming soon
Geekiest Moment Details coming soon

Christine SteadChristine Stead

Name Christine Stead
Current Position Executive Strategist, Blue Cottage Consulting and Vice President, Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education
Kids 2 children (Skyline and Forsythe) + 1 USA Hockey player (Pioneer); and Board of Education x almost 5 years
Geekiest Moment Convinced my high school science teacher to let me teach an advanced biology class my senior year to the 4 other students that I could coerce into being ‘interested’.

Annie SullivanAnnie Sullivan

Name Annie Sullivan
Current Position Software Engineer at Google
Kids Details coming soon
Geekiest Moment Details coming soon

Steve TeeriSteve Teeri

Name Steve Teeri
Current Position Library Technician for the Ann Arbor District Library
AAPS Connection Ann Arbor Pioneer High School, class of 1994
Geekiest Moment “My geekiest moment came from creating a robot petting zoo, which invites kids of all ages to walk up and pet the robots as they go about their business on a farmyard model.”

Jim VitekJim Vitek

Name Jim Vitek
Current Position Founder & CTO at AppKey
4 kids, including 2 @Skyline and 1 @Forsythe
Geekiest Moment I built a light pen for my Atari 400 as a high school science project.