Peter Stamos Memorial Scholarship

Peter S. Stamos was the Physical Education Teacher at Haisley School for thirty years. He was dedicated to his students, his family, and his community. He dedicated most of his professional career to the fun and fitness of Haisley School students, and it is in that spirit that these scholarships will be awarded. Two scholarships will be awarded annually to third or fourth grade boys or girls to attend KidSport at the University of Michigan. Contributions to this fund help to build the endowed funds for scholarships.


      • One (each) 3rd or 4th  grade boy/girl who wish to attend a class (of their choosing) at the U of M’s KidSport/Outdoor Adventure/Camp Explorations summer program for one week.
      • Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of interest, school and community involvement, academic achievement and financial need.

Application Process:

      • Interested applications should download the application using the link below.
      • The applicant should research the available options offered at KidSport (
      •  Applicant should complete the application form and return it to the Haisley office for selection review.
      • Recommendations for Scholarship recipients are made by the Haisley Principal and Don Chalfant. These recommendations, along with the student applications, are to be forwarded to
      • The Ann Arbor Educational Foundation Scholarship Committee will review the recommendations and make the final decision on the scholarship recipients.
      • AAEF will send out letters of congratulations to the recipients; copies of the letters will be sent to the Haisley Principal and Don Chalfant.

Award Amount:

      • 2 awards (1 girl, 1 boy) – amount varies by camp option chosen, but typically about $200/student.
      •  Checks will be sent directly to Kidsport at U of M, with notification to the recipient families that fees have been paid.

Deadline: April 15, no later than 5pm