Grant Application Guidelines

There is one application for all of the Ann Arbor Educational Foundation teacher grants. Applications will not be accepted past the deadline. In order to be considered for a grant, a completed Teacher Grant Application and submit it online.  Printed or hand delivered applications will not be accepted.

Anyone with approval from an Ann Arbor Public Schools teacher and principal may complete a grant application on behalf of a teacher.  All projects must be supervised by an Ann Arbor Public Schools teacher or principal and have the approval of a building or central administrator.  If the grant is awarded, the teacher must agree to the terms, and submit a signed grant agreement form. This form will be provide to grant recipients.

When completing the application, you will want to select any grants or funds that might apply to your project.  Descriptions of each grant can be found on the Teacher Grants page.

Any additional questions can be directed to

Application Guidelines

The following themes are not required in proposed projects but will be considered by the Great Idea Grants Committee. Be sure to include relevant considerations in your application.

  • The Foundation strongly encourages applicants to propose collaborations between two or more AAPS schools.
  • The Grants Committee will also consider collaborations within a school, such as between several grades or classrooms.
  • Sustainable projects that can be replicated in other schools in subsequent years are encouraged.
  • Projects that enhance the curriculum, and promote educational excellence are given preference.
  • In your project summary, state how this project will go beyond traditional curricular materials and efforts.
  • When stating the population/grade levels that will be served, be sure to address the possible short- and long-term impacts on students and/or the greater school community.
  • Nonprofit Partners and Programs are also encouraged.  Further details are below.

Additional Grant Resources

The Foundation recognizes that the application can be daunting at first glance.  We have created additional resources.  You will find examples of grant applications from past recipients.  There are also examples of projects that have taken advantage of nonprofit partners, as well as a list of programs that local nonprofits have available.


Nonprofit Partners and Programs

The Foundation recognizes the challenges associated with creating and administering a project.  Local nonprofits can serve as a great resource for educational projects and programs.  Take advantage of programs already in place by contacting a local nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit partnerships are NOT required. If this options is pursued in a proposed project, then the Foundation requires that the organization have 501c3 nonprofit status and be based in Washtenaw County.

We have created a list of programs available.  However, teachers not limited to these options.