Young 5’s and Kindergarten Paint for Humanities

Y5 & K Paint for Humanities

2015 Teacher Grant

Recipient: Jennifer Maerz-Sullivan,  Bryant Elementary

Amount Received: $647

The 118 Young 5 and Kindergarten students spend the most amount of time in the art room, a total of two hours and fifteen minutes per week.  Paint for Humanities provides additional painting opportunities for learning in the Bryant art room.

Young 5 and Kindergarten students enjoy and benefit from painting. Consequently, tempera, watercolors and paper are needed for these projects. Younger students also work on larger artworks and therefore use more supplies. In addition to the regular art curriculum, Young 5 and Kindergarten students learn about math, science, social studies, and literacy through art in their arts and humanities classes. Painting plays a tremendous role in this; developmentally, painting is very beneficial for younger children.


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