Kindergarten Readiness Bags

2015 Teacher Grant

Recipients: Leslie Binder & Marie Lemmer – Allen Elementary School

Amount Awarded: $2096

Allen Kindergarten Screening Night & Readiness Bags

Determining Readiness

Each spring, incoming kindergarten students are screened by teachers for readiness.  Readiness is determined by knowing skills such as letter, number, and shape identification, counting objects using one to one correspondence, and name writing. The students are then again assessed in the fall.

Every Student Counts

Allen Elementary has a high percentage of students that are at risk or low income.  Kindergarten Readiness Bags ensure that every student has what he/she needs in order to prepare for entering kindergarten.

Filled With Fun

Each Kindergarten Readiness Bag comes complete in a book pouch for safe keeping.

Each Kit Contains:

magnetic foam numbers

magnetic letters

a composition notebook

8 pack of crayons


double sided chips

alphabet flashcards

numbers 0-25 flashcards


After comparing the fall of 2015 assessment results with spring screening results it was concluded that: 98% of students met the standard or improved their letter and number recognition skills after owning the Kindergarten Readiness Bags for 3 months. The average student met the standard or improved recognition by 4 numbers & 6 letters.



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