Effective Use of Resources through Digital Organization

2015 Teacher Grant

Recipients: Elizabeth Kelly-Sell, Amanda Lowe, Kristin Haselschwerdt, and Mollie Hall – Carpenter Elementary School

Amount Awarded: $260


Finding the perfect resource can be a challenge, especially when you need a specific resource for science or specific word to enhance your small group reading instruction. Prior to this grant, teachers would spend hours searching through physical books and two rooms of resources at Carpenter Elementary, on a quest for that perfect item.  Many books were unavailable for searching as they were in circulation and only marked as circulated by a clothespin.

This grant provided digital organization through a digital database for all of the bookroom resources and Title I resources at Carpenter Elementary School. This streamlines the search process for vital resources, in particular materials that augment our standard curricula but have been overlooked in past years due to disorganization or lack of time.  Using a digital database will allow us to input tags, shortcuts, and even establish a “loan management” system so that teachers can collaborate and share resources efficiently.


Materials the database will catalog include:

guided reading books

read aloud books to enhance science & social studies curricula for each grade

books on tape used to engage and broaden literacy instruction

extra math materials that extend the Everyday Math curricula

additional Title I resources

Effective Use of Resources through Digital Organization

This grant aims to empower teachers to find the perfect resource available to enrich their instruction.

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