Collaborative Video Feedback for Dance Arts

2015 Teacher Grant

Recipients: Melissa Poli – Community High School

Amount Awarded: $1600

Community High School Dance Body Performance


The collaborative video feedback grant funded the purchase of a DSLR camera with video, lens, and tripod for Community High School’s Dance Body Program.  Videoing dances helps students improve the kinetic and aesthetic qualities of their dance by combining video capture with timestamp commenting software

Video feedback has proven to be an essential tool in the coaching sciences. It’s even more important in dance because dance combines both athleticism and art. In the arts, layering is an essential quality of any creation. But dance is fleeting, which makes it is challenging to see even a single thing, let alone the layering of athletic and aesthetic textures that comprise a dance. Video provides visual referencing that allows dancers to understand corrections by seeing rather than simply feeling. Video feedback also helps the instructor provide analysis of physical structure, function, and dynamic alignment to enhance performance and prevent injuries.


Dance Body  students at Community High School. Initially this serves approximately 20 dancers & choreographers along with hundreds of audience members. This is a new program that has great potential for growth. The images from this camera will also serve as quality input for flyers, programs, and promotions—all of which will help to grow the program.



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