Grants History

Little Gym Grant Awarding - Image by Rebecca Rowe

Jason Willard accepts an AAEF Teacher Grant, with some excited Bryant Elementary School gym students.

2015 Grants

Click on the following links to view some of the ways your donations have been used to support learning within Ann Arbor Public Schools through Ann Arbor Educational Foundation. For a full list of the 2015 grant recipients click here.

Stand Up for Learning

Bach Mural

LEGO StoryStarter

Young Musician’s Mentor Alliance

Little Gym

Young 5 and Kindergarten Paint for Humanities

Global Readers Global Leaders

Scarlett Greenhouse Project

Kindergarten Readiness Bags

STEM Book Infusion

High School to Career Library Resource

Collaborative Video Feedback for Dance Arts

 Effective Use of Resources through Digital Organization

 Kindergarten Literature to Enhance Math Learning

Past Grants

2014 Grant Recipients

2013-14 Great Ideas Teacher Grants

2012-2013 Grants & Scholarships