The Ann Arbor Public Schools Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization recognized and regulated by the IRS and State of Michigan.  To remain in good standing we submit annual, federal Form 990 tax returns to the IRS disclosing program and operating costs, revenue, and other details for determining financial accountability.

Our Financial Committee, donors, and an independent auditing firm provide additional levels of oversight.  The AAPSEF strives to operate in an open manner and welcomes scrutiny.  Accordingly, our federal tax returns, audited financial statements, and other related documents are posted on our website and are on file with the Michigan State Attorney General.

2010 Form 990
2011 Form 990
2012 Form 990
2013 Form 990
2013 Financial Audit performed by Stefforia, Petik & Associates, P.C.

Questions?  Please contact our staff or Tim Petik, CPA at 734-929-1114.