About Us

Excellent public schools are a community investment for today and tomorrow. Today’s third grader is tomorrow’s entrepreneur, key employee or a community leader.

The History . . . began in 1990 with the desire to help Ann Arbor’s public schools achieve high academic goals and build for the future. With strong community support, Ann Arbor’s reputation for exceptional education and a vibrant community remains solid.

The Need Today. . . grows from our culture of education excellence, supported largely by voter-approved taxes and community generosity.  State school funding changed in the 1990’s altering the public/private partnership. Today, 80% of local taxes benefit school districts outside Ann Arbor. State law prevents millages that support education growth. Our schools are left to balance the budget with spending cuts putting education excellence in peril.  Private philanthropy, through the Educational Foundation, remains the way we can still make the exceptional difference.

The AAPS Educational Foundation . . . in its 25th year, is the leading organization for residents, parents, educators and business leaders to make the Ann Arbor difference.  The Foundation raises private funds to give grants to teachers and educators which enrich the education for students across the district.  AAEF manages and facilitates privately created Donor Funds that go beyond with scholarships, grants for athletic participation fees, social inclusion needs, support for literacy programs, the arts, sciences, humanities and more.

“How are your schools?” . . . is a question families and businesses often ask when deciding location. The answer reveals much about the public schools’ reputation and  the community.

For our students, for Ann Arbor . . . support the AAPS Educational Foundation to keep the answer for both “Exceptional!”