AAPSEF Scholarships help students pursue education beyond high school. AAPSEF Student Awards enhance the school experience for students. AAPSEF manages almost $500,000 in Scholarships and Donor Funds. Through this program the Foundation annually may award nearly $15,000 to students and the schools, in addition to its annual AAPS grant awards.

Private Donors generously establish AAPSEF scholarships and student awards. Creating a named scholarship, student award, or fund to enhance programs gives donors the chance to honor or remember loved ones and special educators, while making a difference in areas of personal interest for students in school today and students of tomorrow.

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To make a gift to a scholarship or a student award fund.
Please contact Linh Song to learn how you can create a named scholarship or student award fund.

AAPSEF Scholarship Committee

Board members and community volunteers review applications from students recommended by teachers, counselors, coaches and others. Each year a number of notable students, many with financial need, receive scholarships and monetary awards through the AAPS Educational Foundation.

Applications for Students

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