Who we are

We are friends and neighbors, parents and teachers, community and business leaders who together make the Ann Arbor difference for our public schools. Our volunteer Board, Committees and staff professionals work tirelessly. We are a non-profit educational foundation, founded in 1990, with the vision to do more for our kids and community by enhancing the education excellence of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

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Teacher Grants

We give grants to schools, and scholarships and awards to students. Our grants inspire innovative, creative approaches to learning from pre-K through high school. We help keep AAPS points of distinction, such as the Planetarium, stay cutting edge. Increasingly, we help enhance programs that could be impacted by budget forces and boost innovative programs to help maintain education excellence.

Visit our Grants History page to see what we have funded in past years.

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Together, we make a difference

We have given over $1 million for science, math, literacy, humanities, theatre, the arts and more. Our grants encourage teacher creativity and have reached into classrooms in every school, across grade levels to advance the curriculum with innovative ideas. We help students in need, and recognize student leadership and success. Our scholarships foster the pursuit of continued learning. We make a difference!